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Extensive use of image-based AI

It can be used in various forms depending on learning data such as human recognition and animal recognition, and can be used as a deep learning machine vision inspection artificial intelligence for manufacturing products in the manufacturing industry, such as displays, PCBs, films, and semiconductors.


Image analysis accurately detects image components in the form of regions.

Applications: solar panels, displays, etc.


Accurately categorize each image to a pre-defined class.

Applications: Defective goods classification, etc.


Recognizes each object class learned from image analysis and outputs coordinate data for the region.

Applications: Defect detections, etc.

Recognize objects within an images

Recognize and extract specific information such as vehicles, people, or defective elements from images.

Segment objects within the image.

Extract data by segmenting all recognizable objects in the image.

Segment objects within the image.

Extract data by segmenting all recognizable objects in the image.

Recognize motion within an image

Recognizes and extracts motion data of a person or animal recognized in an image.

Defect determination and retrieval

QC is the most important factor in production. By learning the images of normal/defective products, the AI optimized for the product reorganizes the process through classification and area detection to increase the QC level efficiently.

Reading Medical Image

It is almost impossible to identify all defects with human eyes. Artificial intelligence developed by learning medical images of non-patients and patients can be used as a great support tool for medical diagnosis.

Camera recognition such as CCTV

You can automatically recognize and classify people, faces, behaviors, objects, etc. in images collected through various optical cameras. Deep learning-based monitoring automation helps you better utilize your monitoring workforce.

Teach AI suitable for each type of data.

CLICK AI's AutoML provides the automatic development of artificial intelligence, which is suitable for each type of data.


Automates the creation of advanced deep learning models combined with leading data science expertise.

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Automates the development of sophisticated time series models that predict the value of continuous data based on history and trends.

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Based on image data, AI recognizes specific objects or defective products.

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Understand words, sentences to recognize the user's feelings or errors in the contract.

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