Chatbot Algorithm Improvement

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Chatbots are built to increase customer convenience while securing potential customers. In particular, there are a lot of chatbots that operate at an advanced level using deep learning. However, even these chatbots sometimes don't get what their customers want. Therefore, by analyzing the correlation between chatbot conversation and purchase rate, the chatbot algorithm must be gradually supplemented in a direction that can increase the purchase rate. We propose that customers' emotional analysis in conversations with chatbots can increase the purchase rate by predicting what visitors are looking for on the website and whether they have led to purchase through conversation with chatbots.

Main function

1. Chatbot algorithm improvement
  • Improvement of purchase rate by complementing chatbot algorithm
  • Reflecting feedback through customer sentiment analysis
2. Data Security System
  • Thorough data security through security processing
3. Providing various services
  • Interlocking between apps, web and programs is possible by providing various programming languages

API Summary

Data Data type Content Use mode
Input data  CSV Customers' chatbot conversations and whether to purchase them API
Output data CSV The answer to the question API

Application procedure

Payment Subscription method Attached file upon application
Prepaid charge Online Customer data required for model creation
Application procedure
  • Apply for service at Home page
  • Training data upload 
  • Consultant review and confirmation of availability
  • Business verification and online contract signing
  • Model generation
  • Use the generated artificial intelligence as an API