Insurance Underwriting

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An accurate prediction of insurance premium is important for an insurance company because it has to do with the company's financial gains and losses. Insurance premiums are determined differently according to conditions such as an individual's medical history, age, hospital stay, prescription, family history and coverage range. Using AI's model, which has learned the data of multiple people, you can predict insurance premium or find requirements that have a significant impact on insurance premium

Main function

1. Insurance Underwriting
  • Simplify subscription screening through insurance cost prediction
  • Establish accurate and fair membership screening
2. Data Security System
  • Thorough data security through security processing
3. Providing various services
  • Interlocking between apps, web and programs is possible by providing various programming languages

API Summary

Data Data type Content Use mode
Input data CSV Customer's personal information
(age, gender, bmi, smoking status, drinking status, drinking frequency, region, etc.)
Output data CSV Insurance premium prediction API

Application procedure

Payment Subscription method
Attached file upon application
Prepaid charge
Online Customer data required for model creation
Application procedure
  • Apply for service at Home page
  • Training data upload 
  • Consultant review and confirmation of availability
  • Business verification and online contract signing
  • Model generation
  • Use the generated artificial intelligence as an API